A DFRPG in Hawaii.

The ancient Gods are fighting against the ‘new gods’ of tourism, drugs and technology.

The Fae Courts are different as well. Summer and Winter have no place here, but rather we have two fae courts divided by the tide, so to speak, as The High – or Ocean – Court and The Low – or Land – Court.

Being an island in the middle of an ocean separates it not only physically, but also supernaturally through the Never Never. There are very few if any Ways through the Never Never to the islands. In fact, the Never Never in Hawaii is an isolated subdomain (or series of subdomains) known as the Beyond Far Enough (or BFE).

We have started playing right at the start of the Vampire War and the events that started in the third novel. We are going to stay as close to ‘cannon’ of the books as possible, but Harry has never been to Hawaii – so it is an open book for us. Who knows what is going to happen!

Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

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