Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

A Couple Year Break

Really...has it been that long?

From the journal of Nick Dumont –

It has been two years and things have changed on the Island. Justice is a flourishing businessman, and Kane cleaned up and has become almost respectable and under Sam Lono’s mentoring has become a pretty big Huna in his own right. Ryan has had quite a bit of experience learning just how fickle Pele can be and is beginning to master his acquired powers as her Emissary. Alex is even shedding his tough exterior a little and has acquired a lady friend named Marian and she works in the Hawaii State Library – in the special collections division. Yes his girlfriend is really “Marian the Librarian”.

Nick has become more immersed in the local supernatural scene and has noticed how much minor talent there is on the islands of Hawaii. He has also been acutely aware of the dangers that the minor talents are unable to defend against individually, so he and Kwuiko started organizing the local minor talent into a loose network that can support one another in times of need. When deciding on a name for their group someone jokingly referred to it as the Tikinet – and the name stuck. Nick and Kwuiko have also finally decided to get married and the last month or so her mother has more or less been a permanent fixture at Nick’s house, much to Nick and Justice’s chagrin. As time drew closer to the wedding day the more Nick became ensnared in the women’s wedding plans.


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