Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

Chapter 10

Matthew’s third session… or The First of Many Debts Paid

From the journal of Nick Dumont –

This time Ryan needed or help. It seemed his new boss Pele had a job for him to do – and he is in debt to her for saving him from the volcano. She wanted to gain possession of a Rai Stone and she was throwing a little tantrum about it by creating storms and increasing volcano activity that could wipe out the islands.

Upon doing some research about Rai stones we discovered this would not be easy, of course when it is ever when dealing with a goddess. It seems that Rai stones can change ownership by oral tradition and there is no record kept of who owns which one, other than everyone know who owns which one. They range in size from smallish to freaking huge – and guess which one she wanted? Yup, the biggest one – and oh yeah, it is under water off the coast. No problem. We have no way of finding out who owns it, where it is exactly, why Pele wants it, and we were on some sort of timeline because the storms were getting worse.

We soon discover a disturbance of the coast and find the stone at the center of the aquatic disturbance. We also learn that it is linked to the portal at Pali Point because we can see the sky at the point through the center of the Rai Stone, as if we are looking through a window – or portal.

We go back to my place and do some more research, in which we find some more answers. The Rai Stone belongs to the Familial Spirits of a Night Marcher family whose line has died out. The Spirits are now the owners and could give us ownership if we can convince them to. We go back to the stone under the water and summon the Familial Spirits. They agree to transfer ownership if we close the portal that has opened up in the center. They tell us that we need to send a fish and a bird through the center of the stone to close it. We convince my fiancé to help us in her shark form and some of the party went to find a bird for us to use. We are under the assumption that the party had to be split – some of us at the stone and some at Pali Point, but we soon understand it all has to be done underwater at the Stone.

Magic does not mix well with water and I questioned my ability to do the ritual needed to close it. The spirits told us not to worry and created a dome of air around us and the stone. With help again from my friends I perform the ritual and close the portal linking the Stone and Pali Point.

The Spirits transfer ownership to Pele, we save the Island, and we all go back home, except we cannot shake the nagging question of why Pele needed ownership of an underwater Rai Stone powerful enough to create a portal with.


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