Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

Chapter 2

Tim’s Second Session ... or Shooting Up The Wizard's House

From the Journal of Nick Dumont –
In the process of tracking down the Lanilolo distribution we found out that Rip is involved with DOLUS’s operation. I (or the old Warden) got a call from Naoya Takamasa, assistant curator of the Bishop’s Museum, wondering if we might help with a problem. When we get there we find a mysterious tome opened on the ground and a dead curator on the ground. I have a bad feeling about this and open my Sight. I see a strange fish-like creature swimming through the air seemingly tethered to the book. I realize that the book opens a portal to the Nevernever and something came through when the untrained curator decided to dabble in something that he did not understand fully.
We make several attempts to kill the creature before closing the portal/ book and sealing closed again. I realize that Naoya is a practitioner focused in thaumaturgy and ancient native magic. I confiscate the book from the museum and later discover that the curators protect and control a huge quantity of magical artifacts archived in the Bishop’s Museum. We return to my house which has since become the group’s meeting place/ hangout. While we are trying to decide our next move, I get a bad feeling again and Justice spots a van that has gone by the house a couple of times. We start to get suspicious and go to investigate.
The van is parked not far away and I look at it with my sight and sense that no one is inside. So I decide to hex it so they cannot get away. Instead of our plan (why should anything go according to plan?) the van blows up in a spectacular explosion. Simultaneously automatic gunfire opens up and starts tearing the front of my home apart. We deal with the thugs, Alex starts shooting and laying down cover fire, Ryan grabs my Grandpa’s BFG and lets loose with it, Justice changes into a panther and disappears in the darkness. I pinpoint where they are at with my sight and hold one of them with a gravity spell. Man Justice is fast, before I know what happened he took out the one I am holding and moved on to another. After we take care of the shooters Justice heard a car take off in a hurry and gives chase. He gets close enough the recognize Rip, and it looks like he orchestrated the attack. This guy has started to damage my calm! First he framed me for murder and now he shot up my house.
As we are cleaning up the mess I get a call from Afa Rubaka, the Regional Commander of the Warden’s in the Pacific – the old Warden’s boss. He was not happy with me for taking the book. It seems that the Museum curators’ are on the list of VIP’s with the White Council. After being chewed up one side and down the other I am told to give it back. It is very apparent that he does not think highly of me. He is only allowing me to be here in his area as a courtesy to Rollo.
When we return the book to the museum and apologize to Naoya, he forgives us and introduces us to another employee at the museum, a beautiful young lady named Ma’le. She instantly takes a liking to Ryan and the feeling seems to be mutual, but I have a feeling again and so I open my sight. What I see overloads and dazzles me when I look at her, she is definitely not human. We also find that the protective wards and threshold around the museum are weakened and cracked.


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