Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

Chapter 3

Tim’s third Session or...Time To Save The Tooth Fairy

From the Journal of Nick Dumont –
In the days that follow the attack I was so focused on fixing the house, placing extra wards around it, making bracelets for the group to bypass the wards, I also asked Kwuiko to marry me – she said yes – so now we are engaged. So I did not notice a number of strange events happening, probably the one that affected us most of all was the news of Alex’s unit being shut down and transferred on orders from way up his chain of command. What really threw me for a loop was the phone call to Ryan from Rip saying that he wanted us to help him.
Against my better judgment we agreed to meet him at the Pearl Harbor Memorial to discuss the details. I trust him about as far as I can throw him, so I ask Kwui and her school of weresharks to be in the harbor around the memorial if we need help. It seems that Rip has lost someone that DOLUS had working for them. A sorcerer named Hinder Weisenberg (I know, how threatening can he be with a name like that right? Well it seems he can be very threatening). It seems that DOLUS Hired Hinder to modify and improve the Third Eye formula. However he decided to go into business for himself and took off with some of their supplies and equipment. It seems he favors mind magic but needed a thaumaturgical link. Rip lets it slip that people who are native to Hawaii are in the most danger of mind control.
We talked with Naoya and do some of our own investigating and found that he had somehow stolen teeth (either baby teeth or forcibly removing teeth from adults) to control their actions. We decide to contact the Tooth Fairy of Hawaii, Lady Niho, (it seems they have different jurisdictions, there is not just one) by having me try to summon her in a circle. It doesn’t work, but I get the impression that it should have but something was stopping her. I ask the Warden’s Ghost for help and he explains she has a realm/ demesne in the Beyond Far Enough. We go to her demense and find that it has been overran and a huge vault of teeth are missing. We had to fight through her guards until we could reason with one and discovered she had been abducted by Hinder.
With the information we have gathered we track Hinder to a dormant volcano cave/lava tube in Diamond Head. We fight our way past more of his thralls until we find the main cave where he has put the teeth, but no Hinder. I open my Sight and look around, but all I see is a room packed with children and people, in the mix I think I see a child version of Justice. The evil sorcerer, gets the drop on us because a great veil and me being distracted with the Sight, but we put up a good fight and injured Hinder so bad he decides to kill himself and release his Death Curse on us, ‘Burn!’ at which point the volcano erupts. In the end it was a frantic race, Ryan and Alex freed the tooth fairy and Justice gathered as many of the teeth as he could. I tore open a Way into the Nevernever, not knowing what is on the other side, but anything was better than an erupting volcano.
Ryan feels he would have died if it hadn’t been for some supernatural intervention. I received severe burns that will take some time to recover from, and Justice developed a severe aversion to fire and gets some answers about his talisman that allows him to change. It has a panther tooth inside and Lady Niho enchanted it, along with others to give to those how have done her a great service. She offers to train him and place more powerful enchantments on it if he wishes.


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