Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

Chapter 4

Ben’s First Session or … Time to Meet the Lovely Ladies behind DOLUS

From the journal of Nick Dumont –
As we were all recovering from our ordeal at Hinder’s Hideout, we decided to go try to dig up some more information on what might be happening so we head to the Bishop Museum to talk to our friend Naoya. We took two cars, Justice in my jeep with me and the others in Alex’s inconspicuous black behemoth of an SUV. My jeep was run off the road and rolled down an embankment on the side of the road. I climbed back up the hillside to see what happened, but Justice stayed hidden in the foliage surrounding the area. Alex is behind me and pulls over to stop as well as another guy on that is on his way to work – I think his name was Ash. We end up subduing them and the cops come in an unusually quick fashion. They end up arresting us and we realized that these were not real cops. We are taken to an old but functional warehouse/ storage facility for the Dole Plantation.
We quickly learn that we were being held by a faction of DOLUS, it appeared that a schism in DOLUS had formed. We quickly picked up that this faction is looking for Rip because he had something of theirs and failed to return it. Alex was ‘tortured’, if you can call it that, while the rest of us were held in cells. I hexed their electronics and high tech gear. Then I blew a hole in the back wall for us to escape. Kane kept the guard dogs at bay, but was a little freaked out about the place. He said he could see and talk to the ghosts of people who had been killed here. I went back to get Alex and my wizard stuff. It seems he was treated quite well while being questioned, except for a strange cut he had on his arm where she had toyed with him. While we are exiting the building I came to blows with Anna, the leader here, and punched her in the nose. I know my grandpa taught me to treat ladies with the proper respect, but when they kidnap you and threaten you – they cease to be ladies.
Alex was no worse for wear- except for the scratch, my jeep got impounded, Kane’ is having nightmares from the ghosts he met at the facility they were holding us, and Justice found out, from the real cops, that the men who took us were wanted in a RICO investigation.


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