Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

Chapter 5

Ben’s Second Session … or a Deal with the Devil (Lady from DOLUS)

From the Journal of Nick Dumont –
After we made it back from Anna’s I went to find my jeep. It had been impounded so I had to pay for that and then to have it towed to my mechanic. So once I got it there I had to haggle with my mechanic about the price, which was a lot – but he is one of the best and he can get vintage parts for an old jeep. I struck a deal with him to teach his son some karate to make up the difference in the bill. When I finally got back to my place everyone had gone their own way and was doing their own thing. It seems Kane’ really can see ghosts, and apparently picked up a few hitchhikers. I thought I could sense some Talent in him when we first met – but there is a whole lot of fancy, made up s&!t along with it, but he really seemed to be able to communicate with the ghosts. Justice hid from the RICO investigation at a surf competition on another island, and Alex was infected with a magical poison from his cut.
I walked in the door of my place to find Kane’ doing some mumbo jumbo chanting over a foul smelling ‘herbal’ mixture smeared over Alex’s arm. Kane’ and his ‘home remedies’ took the pain away, but was beyond his expertise to heal. They let me take a look at it with my Sight and I knew right away that it was not a normal infection, I am not an expert on biomancy at all, but it was not hard to tell that this was black magic, I was convinced that it could have killed him if the wound would have been more severe. So I took some extra time and was able to thaumaturgicaly remove the magical poison and let healing begin.
I swallowed my pride and called Afa, not my most favorite thing to do, to let him know about what had been happening and that we have a lead on some dark magic artifacts. Afa warned me about powerful dark magic that was rumored to be on the island – with possibilities of Outsider Magic as well.
We thought Rip’s life might be in jeopardy, and we felt like we should warn him (don’t know why, I mean he only framed me for murder and then shot up my house with automatic gunfire). We contacted Ryan and pulled him away from his other pursuits, with a goddess. He was able to find Rip on the golf course at Turtle Bay playing golf with another ‘business man’ and eye Candy.
We had a good discussion with Rip, he was at ease and open to talk, and extremely cocky and caviler in his attitude. We discovered that he was working with the opposing faction of DOLUS and he double crossed Anna. He even mentioned that he felt pretty secure in his protection offered by his new employer. I have to say he did help us and give us quite a bit of information about the organization. For example: it has seven matriarchs each possession of a powerful magic item , and each corresponding to the 7 deadly sins and the 7 Laws of Magic.
I finally had it with Rip, I really just wanted to wipe that smug arrogant smile off his face, and get some of his blood I could use as a link for a ritual if I need to, and so I hit him
This began a firefight as Rip’s bodyguards opened fire on Alex and I while Kane’ stood back and said, ‘Dude can’t we all just get along?’ I immediately stopped so it would not escalate and Rip ended up letting us go, but he is no longer their friend. I really don’t care, I personally think this is no big loss, because with friends like that who needs enemies.
We finally decided that in order to get closer to these artifacts we need a connection with DOLUSso we attempt to mend some fences with Anna and offered our services to counter act Rip’s actions with the other faction. Anna gave us a milk run to prove our loyalty to her.
She wanted us to find the choker that Hinder stole from her associate Comore Raith. We found it in the ruins of the Lava tube that blew when we fought Hinder. We had to use some magic and some spelunking abilities to get to it, but we did finally retrieve it. I discovered it to be a powerful black magic item that enthralls the person wearing it.
I called Afa with the news that we had an item that breaks the 4th Law of Magic, and our plan to give it back to the bad guys in order to get closer and uncover the rest of the artifacts. Afa did not want us giving it back to DOLUS, so I made preparations to turn it over to the White Council. Just as I finish getting ready to turn it over, I got a call from Afa. He told me that he does not agree with the Council’s decision – but after talking with them, someone higher up the chain of command overruled him. They told him to give us the discretion on whether to use it gain the organization’s trust so we will be able to get to the other black magic items.
He also gave us tips on how to destroy it and how to prove ownership. The party discovered that because they retrieved it they are its true owners, and I soon discovered why the Laws of Magic exist – it is a slippery slope from ‘do we own it’ to ‘now I can make him do whatever I want’. However I do have to say my house has never looked cleaner.


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