Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

Chapter 6

Ben’s Third Session or ‘Yeah, Let’s Split the Party...What Could Go Wrong?’

From the Journal of Nick Dumont –
After we retrieved the choker Alex received a call from SPRU-11 and had to leave on assignment. So we were faced with having to bring the choker back to Anna to prove or good faith to her. I chose not to go back to Anna’s lair to deliver it. Alex was kind of our spokesman with Anna and without him with us I knew Kane and Justice would have a hard enough time without me there, so I stayed at my place while they delivered the goods (although I did manage to get a small shaving off of it in a inconspicuous place so I could track it down later.
While the two of them were gone I received a call from Afa. He had to once again express his displeasure with me that I did not turn the choker over to the White Council like he had suggested instead of following the Council’s wisdom in doing what my friends and I thought was best and using it to get more and bigger artifacts. But he said that we could not worry about that now, the ‘supernatural chatter’ he and other council members had heard was more urgent and pressing. Apparently there was an artifact, more powerful and dangerous than all others currently on the island, headed for Oahu on a passenger liner – and he wanted me to stop it. At all costs it must not reach the island; he wanted me to stop it from landing. No problem.
When the guys return they find me gathering up my magical items and preparing to assault a passenger liner. We trade stories, apparently Anna gave us our next assignment – steal Rita’s mirror. She will be away from her mansion tonight at dinner in Waikiki at The Ocean House. It is one of the most expensive and swankiest places on the Island. All we need to do is sneak into her house while she is out – the down side is that her place is crawling with underlings and guards. The guys talk me out of leading a suicide mission on the cruise liner, since we have a couple of days we decide to hit Rita’s place tonight and then go to the cruise liner. I asked Kwuiko and her school of weresharks to head out to the ship and scope it out for us while we deal with Rita.
We also paid a visit to Takemasa at the Bishop’s museum to see if he knows any more information about the artifact coming in from the Far East that I am suppose to stop. He does not know much more other than whatever it is it scares the White Council. It is big and powerful enough to get their attention during the war with the Red Court. He also mentions that as stretched as the White Council is Afa is not the type to not have a back-up plan or two. In fact, we are probably not the main attack, but just the diversion. This just solidified in my mind my suspicions about him using me as a blunt instrument to poke the hornet’s nest. I am just all kinds of happy about that.
When it is time we go our separate ways, Justice and Kane went to the restaurant to see what kind of information they can get and also to see if they can stall her. I went to the mansion and found it crawling with men and security surveillance. After scoping it out and seeing all the cameras and 8 foot tall wall around the property. When I looked at it through my sight I saw it as a hornet’s nest (nice!) with a lot of worker hornets buzzing around, probably about 30. I also saw a powerful magic item in about the center of the house. I decided to hex a camera and then move around to the other side, hex another camera and hop the wall. So far so good, once I got over the fence I cast an Air Evocation that bent the light rays around me to hide me from casual observers.
I made it across the grounds and the first camera hex acted quite well as a diversion. I managed to find a servant’s entrance into the pantry/ kitchen area of the mansion. Just before I opened I happened to notice that it was set with an alarm. I hexed it and continued into the mansion. I crossed the threshold and felt some power go out of me as I crossed uninvited. I did not expect much of a threshold, so it was more substantial – but not enough to worry me too much, I just felt uninvited. I continued deeper into the mansion in the general direction that I had seen with my Sight. I passed a couple of off duty guards and made it to the open foyer/ lobby – like entrance. I listened to the woman left in charge and the head of security discuss the strange happenings of cameras going on the fritz. Then they received the report that the service entrance alarm had been compromised as well – so she doubles the guards (Great, just what I need!)
I quickly found a walk in linen closet and hid until it died down, but it did not die down – if anything it got busier. I meditated to aid in my concentration and see if I could shake this uninvited feeling that was making me anxious. After that I waited for a break and cast another veil over myself and made a break for it. I made it passed the foyer and hexed the main control panel for security and communications. I thought it might help me and also the other two when they got here. Big mistake, she called for more guards and stared dispatching runners out to those stationed on the grounds outside. Great I had to hurry now. I turned the sight on again and homed in on where I needed to go. My veil held through some close calls on the way until I found myself in front of a thick reinforced door.
“This must be the place then”, I said to myself as I studied the problem before me. Now I have basically been law abiding most of my life so I am somewhat lacking in the understanding and ways of thieves and the criminally minded. I was somewhat flustered as to how to disarm an electrical lock that is fail-safed to more mechanical ones besides the one mechanical one I could see. As I was pondering my predicament I heard the woman’s voice talking with the security chief coming down the hall. With my veil still intact I ducked into a side office and hid behind the desk in the far corner of the room.
They discussed the need to keep Rita’s possessions safe and eluded to terrible things happening to the employees if she were to lose them. They ended up leaving two somewhat thuggish guards behind to keep an eye on the vault. The two men decided that the office I was in would be a good place to hang out. One leaned against the bookshelf and the other sat down in the desk chair not inches away from me!
I cast a simple air magic spell to make the sound of a noise that appeared to be coming from inside the vault. This distracted and upset one, but the other one closest to me and the more veteran of the two talked him out of shoot his way into the vault to get to whoever was on the other side. It did get them both out of the room and in the hall, but then the experienced one thought he saw something in the corner where I was. He still couldn’t see me but could tell that something was there – so he opened up with his gun and started firing in my general area. Lucky for me I had meditated earlier and stayed calm and collected. I did not flinch, and he did not hit me. The gun fire brought three more goons running to the hallway. I knew my time was running out and I had to do something quick. So I called up some lightning in the hallway, this put three of the men into convulsions similar to a high powered Tazer, while the other two were a little tougher and were not taken out, just dazed and confused.
I then mustered more power than what is good for me and ripped the vault door out of the wall and sent it flying down the hall at the remaining two which left them alive but contemplating on the fact that there was not a door on them just a moment ago. Now I had a migraine and could hear more men running to the sound of the commotion. I stumbled into the vault and cast a spell to make the metal in the safe malleable enough to wrench the door open and pull out the mirror. I wish I had more time to look around the vault because it looked like there was a lot of valuables and documents that would be interesting to get my hands on – but like I said thieving don’t come naturally to me. Just before the reinforcements arrived I could swear I heard a voice telling me to put down the mirror and that he / it would destroy it.
“Yeah, I’m not going to listen to the voices in my head right now, probably too much magic mucking up the brainpan.” I replied to myself as I ripped a hole in the Nevernever and stepped through. I just hoped that I was prepared for whatever awaited on the other side. My last thought as I passed through was, “I wonder what happened to the other guys. I could have used at least a distraction.”


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