Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

Chapter 7a

Nick's Point of View

From the Journal of Nick Dumont –

So I found myself in what I would consider an almost prehistoric Hawaiian landscape – a desert island theme. Within moments of me appearing I see people coming out of hiding. They all look like castaways or shipwreck survivors. The start shouting ‘He has appeared, go get the leader.’ I start backing away from thm as they move toward me telling me not to be afraid, that they have been waiting for me. Soon their Leader comes and tells me he can destroy the mirror I grabbed from DOLUS. Somehow I don’t trust him and I tell them to stay a respectable distance from me. They tell me they have been watching and helping us get the mirror and they have been in contact with Kane’ and can help me get back. I ask him to show me how to get back to Kane’ and then have him verify his story. He tells me he can do that and does dispatch a messenger to make contact with my friends, but he also tells me that Kwuiko is in danger and the sooner I give him the mirror the sooner he can help me save my fiancé. So I give him the mirror, against my better judgment. He responds with telling me the quickest point to get back then telling his gang, ‘I‘ve got it now you can kill him’, as he fades away with the mirror.

So I ran. I figured these were the ghosts Kane’ had mentioned talking to and I was in their demense. They could physically harm me here and I did not want that to happen – besides they would be more powerful here. Thanks to my enchanted shirt and hat I managed to stay far enough ahead of them for me to open a way back. I did a spectacular dive through the opening and splashed into a shallow lagoon nowhere near the mansion I had escaped from. About the time I dug myself up on the beach the rest of the gang and Afa drove up. Just great.

Afa was not happy with us not going out to the ship right away. Even though we told him we went after another artifact. He asked where it was and I told him I had destroyed it in the NeverNever. He mentioned the mirror sucked the life out of victims to keep the bearer young and vibrant, and if a ghost who was killed with it ever got a hold of it he could bring himself back to life – but it would also destroy the mirror.

I told them I could get us there in less than a minute. I had put a sympathetic link on to Kwuiko’s engagement ring so I could use it in a thaumaturgic ritual to create a wormhole so I could travel to her almost instantly. Afa leaves to make backup arrangements in case we fail. I spend a few minutes drawing a circle in the sand there on the beach and arranging the necessary implements to do the ritual. So I get us to the boat and find the were-sharks beat up and held captive in the forward cargo hold. They tell us they made it aboard easily and started exploring the ship starting in the front. When they got to the back upper decks they were attacked by a masked ‘ninja-samurai’ guy dressed in black.

We finally managed to break out of the hold and into a bigger mess that ended in a firefight with some thugs and at least some of the were-sharks shot and possibly dead. Kwuiko stayed with us and I gave her my enchanted sword and her Bowie knife. As soon as we got out of that fiasco we made our way to the engine room.

While there we were attacked by two of the ninja guardians that attacked the girls. Kane’ was not a lot of help as he fell into one of his drug induced convulsions saying that he had a vision. Meanwhile Alex discovered the things did not like water and while Kane and Kwuiko kept the thugs out, Alex and I melted the constructs. We then thought to question the thugs we had captured earlier, so we went back to the hold where we had them tied up. As we questioned them they told us we could not win. Then a weird déjà vu feeling came over us and we were right back where we started when we first came onto the ship. The artifact on board controlled time and sent us back in time. Talk about a Law violation!

We decided to not be so subtle this time and just try to sink the ship. I started ripping holes down through the ship with my magic and then with the were-shark’s help we swam away as the ship sunk. We soon discovered that the time distortion only was around the ship, because as we watched it sink we watched it rewind like a movie and come back up to the surface as if nothing were affected. As we were staring in disbelief we heard fighter jets overhead and heard the roar of several missiles destroy the ship. We asked Alex if it was his people that did it. He said no.

When we got back we found Afa Waiting for us. He told us that he called in the fighters and expressed relief we had made it out, but it was not very convincing. I think he just used us to provide a distraction, so he could call in a favor from his contacts in the military to sink the ship. Now I just feel used.


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