Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

Chapter 8

Matthew’s first session… or Ghost Stories

_From the journal of Nick Dumont – _

In the weeks that followed after the ship wreck a lot of things happened. On the White Council front, I received the news that Simon Petrivich’s compound – Archangel -was attacked and wiped out by the Red Court, including Simon – a Senior Council member. This was bad. I am not really concerned for safety here on the island. We are pretty isolated and according to Warden Bey’s records – there has never been any record of Red Court activity here as long as there has been a Warden on the island. Still it doesn’t hurt to make some preparations. Good news though I recently finished putting the final touches on a new focus item for my Crafting Thaumaturgy.
Things had slowed down for a week or two around here and we all decided to go out to eat one night. Alex gets a call from a friend in the DEA that knew that Alex and his unit handle strange cases. He needed Alex’s expert advice so Alex asks if we want to tag along. We all go to the docks where the DEA has seized a huge shipment of cocaine coming in from the Orient. Apparently some weird things have been happening around this shipment. Malfunctions and accidents that are not out of the realm of possibility, but yet happen rarely – if at all, have happened repeatedly and often to the DEA agents who have seized this shipment.

After examining the pallet stacked with shrink-wrapped bags of cocaine with my sight I discover a dark black pinprick in a field of white in the center of the pallet. This concerns me – this dark object is so bad that it makes an addictive substance like cocaine appear as pure white. We decide it would be best if I put up a magic circle around it to help shield everyone from whatever we might uncover.

Kane’ stays in the circle and unstacks the cocaine until he uncovers a small Tiki Doll made of some kind of dark wood. It is what I sensed, so we decide not to touch it and get it in a safe container and take it back to my place. We take precautions to keep individuals from stopping us and get it back to my home despite having a couple of mishaps along the way with our vehicles. I put it in a more powerful magic circle but it is still not enough to block it completely.

We decide to travel to the address up on Nua Pali Highway that was on the shipping manifest. We find a ramshackle set of homes – almost a compound or housing project. We meet and talk to an old Hawaiian man on the porch of one of the homes. He tells us all the mysterious ‘accidents and deaths that happened up here along the old Pali road. We investigate the remains of a home across the street and have dinner with the old man (rice and Spam). We decide to spend the night and sleep outside where Kane’ communes with ghosts and Ryan decides to accept the power that Pele’ has been offering and he officially ‘ascends‘as her Emissary. Who knows what kind of powers he will manifest in the future. We are told through the old man, ghosts and other investigation we perform that the artifact brings bad luck to the owners and that it will always return – unless it is freely taken by another individual and in order to destroy it – we need to take it past the Night Marchers and throw it off the Pali cliff. We try to do that and are stopped by the Night Marchers who inform Kane’ that as payment for us to pass we need to bring to them a living descendant of King Kameamea.

We leave that night wondering if we will ever be rid of the bad luck idol or if we will have to sacrifice an innocent person to some vengeful ghosts.


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