Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

Chapter 9

Matthew’s second session… or More Ghost Stories

From the journal of Nick Dumont –

So after some research and pounding the pavement looking for information on how to handle all of what happened, we had a lead. It came from the Warden’s ghost. He told us to look for a true ‘kahuna’. If we found one, we might be able to find a descendant of the king, because popular belief said the line had died out but rumors have always been around saying otherwise.

Kane’ mention he had some training from his grandmother and is a huna, but to find an actual kahuna was rare. He looked through his grandmother’s notes and book and found reference to a kahuna named Sam Lono. After finding the name he remembers his grandmother taking him to visit Sam when he was a small boy. Kane and Justice go to find Sam. Kane ends up getting shot by the old man. Sam says that he will protect the king’s descendant at all cost, even if it means his life. They end up convincing him that we are the good guys and he agrees to help us. The last living descendant is a young man who is unaware of his heritage. Sam tells him the truth of his linage and they agree to help us locate the final resting place of the great king. When we get to the cave Kane can see and talk to the king, thanks to his powers.

We discover that we need to perform a ritual on the idol using ‘the blood of the king’. The young man agrees to give us some blood and, with the others helping him, Nick performs the ritual destroying the idol and the bad luck we were having. We also have to take the young heir to Pali Point and free the Night Marchers and other spirits who cannot cross over.

When we get to the Point we instruct and help the young man claim his destiny and embrace his heritage. He commands the Night Marchers to cease their hauntings and be gone. The lights around the portal disappear and the Night Marchers are pulled through thereby letting the rest of the spirits also pass over to their rest.

When the lights die and the spirits cross the dark void remains and Nick senses that the portal is still open. He is very uncomfortable with gates and portals being left open. How will they be able to close it?


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