Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii


Session 0 … or The Beginning

From the Journal of Nick Dumont –
I guess I should make a record of what goes on in Hawaii, sorry that some of these beginning ones are so short, but a lot has happened and I am just now going back to make some notes. Computers and wizards just don’t mix well, so I will be giving my hand written notes to Kwuiko and she will then type them up for me.
I guess I need to start with a little introduction. My name is Nicholas Alexander Tiberius Dumont; I am a wizard – no, not the ones that do magic tricks, the real kind. I came to Hawaii by way of San Francisco, by way of New Orleans – my home town. I was raised by loving parents up until I turned 11, when they died in a car crash. After that I was raised on the borders of the Louisiana swamp by my Cajun grandparents. My grandparents were not surprised when I developed my magical abilities in my 12th year. They even knew a strange Frenchman named LeChevilier who could help me with magic. Later I learned that was in my family tree, in fact, my grandfather is a minor practitioner.
I soon found myself apprenticed to a Warden of the White Council who was gone a lot on business, so spent most of the time studying on my own for the most part. To say he was distant was an understatement and I soon discovered he thought that he was better than almost anybody – especially a ‘snot nose pup from the swamps’, I just thought he was full of hot air and a bit big for his britches. He saw himself as a traditionalist – but he was really just stuck in the ruts of propriety and time. Needless to say we were not each other’s favorites, but he did teach me a lot. I discovered I had a knack for earth magic then expanded to learn air and water magic as well.
Towards the end of my apprenticeship I killed what I thought was a mindless zombie thrall with magic, my bad. He was a thrall, but under the influence of Voodoo magic possession and would have recovered if I hadn’t ended his life. This led to no short of ugly ridin’ in on me – in the form of my teacher, the White Council, and a Warden’s Sword. The Gatekeeper saved my life – sort of. He was the deciding vote on whether to end my life, so he sent me on a mission to see if I could change. This led to me to closing and sealing an outer gate, saving my neck, and finding out an old family heirloom was more than what it appeared to be – all for the low price of losing my eyesight.
The White Council decided I needed a new teacher and I went out West to San Francisco, CA with my new teacher, Rollo Kane. He was tougher than a one eared alley cat and strong too. He was much more hands on that my previous teacher and I took the preacher’s seat more than once in my time with him. It was just what I needed, because within a couple of years I finished my training and passed my wizard trials while still blind. We learned to respect each other and became close friends during that time
It was not until finished my training with Rollo that he told me he had clear instructions from the Council to kill me if I strayed – no questions asked. The last two things he gave me as I left him were an old K-bar knife and a cufflink – not two just one. He said the cufflink was part of the previous Warden’s ‘succession planning’ in case of emergency. I needed to take it to a specific attorney office and it would identify me as the previous warden’s inheritor when matched with its mate. I would not be a warden, but I would be the White Council’ contact on the island.
That brings my story to Hawaii. I was given the task to discover why the Council had lost contact with the local warden, Ardeth Bey. Well, I found out real quick why they lost contact with him. When I presented the cufflink to the attorney, I was immediately arrested for the warden’s murder. I had been framed, but ended up getting out of the charges when the attorney who set me up had a change of heart and we found the guy who actually killed the Warden – a local hit man named Rip.


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