Amana (The Faithful)

Fellowship of adherents to the Old Ways of Hawaiian culture


The Amana is a society of adherents to old Hawaiian culture and beliefs, located in Oahu. They are loosely organized around a core group of Kahuna, who serve as advisers, seers, and ministers to the faithful. The chief Kahuna is currently Sam Lono. Although some of the Amana border on fanatical, many are casual followers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Although they do not actively proselyte, the Amana have slowly increased in number since the Hawaiian Renaissance in the 1930’s.

As an organization, they have steady income from hosting luaus, hulas, and other tourist-friendly events. In addition, although it is not a requirement, many follower attribute their success in life to the tenets of their Hawaiian faith, and share a portion of their wealth with the society. The faith is not exclusive, but rather consider anyone who respects ancient Hawaiian customs to be Ohana (family).

Most members of the Amana are simply seeking a deeper connection to their heritage, nature itself, or are simply looking for the peace associated with this introspective and meditative religion. There are some, however, especially among the longstanding members, that are “clued in”—they know the legends and stories told around the fire are more than just folklore. There are rumors that King Kamehameha I himself established the society, and that they are waiting for another comet to signal his triumphant reincarnation. A select few recognize Sam Lono as the protector of the hidden family line of Kamehama, as well as the guardian of the original king’s tomb.

The Amana are headquartered at a restored heiau near Hanauma bay.


Amana (The Faithful)

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