Ardeth Bey

Dead Warden of Hawaii


Warden of Hawaii
Damn, I am Dead
God is Great
Student of Rashid
God is with those who persevere
Allah is with the patient
My prayer, sacrifice, life, and death are all for Allah

Conviction, Lore
Discipline, Alertness, Rapport
Endurance, Presence, Weapons
Athletics, Contacts, Deceit, Resources
Empathy, Investigation, Scholarship, Fists

Alive Stats:
-3 Evocation
-3 Thaumaturgy
-1 The Sight & Soulgaze
0 Wizard’s Constitution
-1 Refinement
-1 Refinement
-1 Refinement
-1 Guide My Hand
-1 Riposte (Weapons)

Spirit Stats:
-3 Spirit Form
-5 Physical Immunity (-8+3 Spirit Magic and Exorcism)
-2 Ritual: no material components or focus items, only cast spells he can hold in his head specializations would be in analysing the remains of the dead
-1 Sight/Soulgaze
+2 limited by phylactery (his Sword)
-1 Guide My Hand
-1 Riposte (Weapons)


Ardeth Bey

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