Nick "Schematic"

Mechanical savant


Nick is a jack-of-all-trades mechanic, weapon smith, computer-hacker. He works odd jobs, usually exchanging services for needs. He has seen some things he can’t explain, but pretty much has dismissed it as: “Not my problem. Good luck with that!”


  • I’m clued in, everyone else is clueless!
  • All I need is paracord.
  • It’s kludgy, but it works.
    Suburb: Craftsmanship, Burglary (also used for computer hacking)
    Great: Intimidation, Contacts

Other skills:
Hacker, Professional lock picking, Car mechanic, Jury-rigging, percussive maintenance, I made it myself.
Uses intimidate to defend against social attacks, board range of contacts around craftsmen and technical experts.
(Shenanigans, +2 to empathy to detect bluffs and lies)


Nick "Schematic"

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