Rip Anu'o'ne

Hitman for Dolus


Other Aspects:

  • Textbook psychopath
  • Former member of SPRU-11, MCBH(Strategic Paranormal Reconnaissance Unit 11)
  • I pranked him . . . to death . . . with a tire iron.
  • Cool guys don’t look at explosions.

Rip is the emotionless hitman for Dolus. He has made at least one attempt on the life of the party (Rip doesn’t see this as a failed attempted, but rather a “warning”.)
Rip came to the party for help in hunting down Hinder Wiesenberger. Hinder’s “tooth magic” had created internal strife within the Dolus organization. Having “facilitated” the solution of the problem, Rip’s position (and pay) was boosted in the slightly adjusted regime.

Rip Anu'o'ne

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