Sam Lono

Kahuna and Protector of the Kamehameha ancestral line


Sam is a well respected Kahuna priest and community leader. He is also the protector of the royal ancestral line of Kamehameha. After a rough start to their relationship, Sam has taken Kane under his wing, helping to establish him find purpose, (and become a Kahuna priest himself.)

Aspects include:
Last protector of the royal family

  • “A pretty big Kahuna and leader of the Amana”
  • “The Nightmarchers are Monsters”
  • “Clued in in ways you’ll never know.”
  • “Dear friends with Kane’s grandmother.”
  • “Gifted herbalist.”
  • “I’m getting too old for this.”
  • “My loyalty to the Kamehameha family is absolute”

Sam Lono

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