Sisterhood of the Waves

A group of Weresharks that Kuwiko trained.


Initiate in the Waves
These women have accomplished some minimal change in themselves but are not yet full wereforms. Of those that do reach some of level of ability, most don’t seem to get past this point. Usually by this point, a woman will have stopped swimming in chlorinated pools and have started eating larger amounts of meat, often less cooked. Their health is definitely better on average than most women their age, and they tend to be attractive.

Musts: Aquatic(-1), Echoes of the Beast(-1)

Options: Some few may have already developed a variation of the Wizard’s Constitution by this point. Call it Shark’s Fortitude.

Shark’s Fortitude (-1) – a Sister with this power does not sleep (though can be knocked unconscious or sedated), in addition, like wizards they will eventually heal up from most injuries. However, while they heal completely, they do acquire scars (can be quite proud of them actually). (increased to -1 because of the no need to sleep thing…think that is day-to-day important)

Important Skills: varies, but most have high scores in Athletics and Endurance with fair to decent levels of Conviction and Discipline.

Minimum Refresh Cost: -2, these are not exactly magical heavyweights

Sister of the Waves
At this point they have become full wereforms. Most acquire scars of a sort not long after becoming wereforms, these are usually acquired from instances of hunting in the waves. The bites of other sharks are not uncommon, nor are harpoon scars or injuries from other such devices or animals. Sisters are usually blithely unconcerned with displaying their scars and often maintain a instinctual level of attraction in spite (or perhaps) because of the injuries.


Aquatic (-1)
Echoes of the Beast (-1)
Shark’s Fortitude (-1)
Beast’s Change (-1)

Human Form (+1) affecting the following:
Claws (-1)

and choose at least one:
Inhuman Speed (-2)
Inhuman Recovery (-2)
Inhuman Strength (-2)
Inhuman Toughness (-2)

Options: Some of the original Sisters also take Pack(School?) Instincts (-1) due to emulating sharks with cooperative hunting habits.

Important Skills: Varies, but most hit higher levels of Athletics, Endurance, Conviction and Discipline

Minimum Refresh: -6

Other options: Maybe one or more of the packs has more diverse powers? However I doubt this.


Sisterhood of the Waves
There is a small woman’s martial arts/health and fitness group that meets on the beaches of Hawaii known as the Sisterhood of the Waves that primarily is known for picking up water-related sports as a lifestyle choice. Swimming, especially endurance swimming, is one of their particular interests. For the most part, these are entirely normal women, though more dedicated than most toward the ideas of making health and fitness a lifestyle they choose to follow. However, at their core is a small knot of women that have successfully learned or started to learn to become wereforms. Specifically sharks.

For the most part, the Sisterhood of the Waves tends to have little to no impact on the area they are in. They are, mostly, not true magi. Their wereform is limited to the ocean and they have shown little to no interest in terrorizing the surf. About the only impact they have is that beaches frequented by one of the core sisters tend to be remarkably free of dangerous fish compared to neighboring regions. Whether this is because the Sisterhood hunts such fish or simply convinces them to go away is unknown. For the most part, they simply use the magic because they enjoy using the magic. For all intents and purposes, they’re mostly kitchen witches.

Full wereforms of the Sisterhood can sometimes be characterized by a calm or even serene attitude and slow, energy efficient motion. This can switch to a flash of sudden and violent motion at anytime that they perceive the need. It is uncertain whether such an attitude is necessary to learn the magical skills involved or if the practice of becoming a shark eventually hones such personality traits. Likely, it is a combination of the two.

All in all, these would be minor-league players in the Dresdenverse.

Their shark forms do not neatly fit in with specific species. The original Sister and most of her first students prefer a sleek mako-ish form. Colorations are usually mirrored by the individuals skin and hair colors. Tattoos and hair-dye (for some reason) can affect the shark form’s color patterns. However, clothes and jewelry do not shift with the shark.

Sisterhood of the Waves

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