Nick's Gem Amulet

Dumont Family Amulet

(-1) Item of Power
  • (+1) One Time Discount: An amulet is easy to hide.
  • (-0) It is what it is – a amethyst pendant & family heirloom.
  • (-0) Unbreakable – except by perverting its purpose.
  • (-1) Anchored in Reality – May be used to put up a block against outsiders equal to your lore. This lasts one exchange but may be extended as if an evocation spell.
  • (-1) Gate Closer – Gain the aspect “Gate Closer” and one tag whenever in the presence of an Outer Gate.
  • (-1) Supernatural Senses – to see Outsider ‘auras’

Nick inherited this when his parents died and always thought it was just a family heirloom. While still an apprentice he discovered that it had some protection and help against Outsider Magic. In the years since he has discovered that it is really an Item of Power used to counteract and possibly fight against Outsider’s and their magic.

So far the above powers are the only ones discovered, however he has discovered possible clues of potential powers including the ability to close Outer Gates, grounding a person in reality – making it easier for them to combat Outsiders, granting toughness vs. Outsider Magic, and possibly others that have not been discovered.

Nick's Gem Amulet

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