Trouble in Paradise: A DFRPG Adventure in Hawaii

Chapter 3
Tim’s third Session or...Time To Save The Tooth Fairy

From the Journal of Nick Dumont –
In the days that follow the attack I was so focused on fixing the house, placing extra wards around it, making bracelets for the group to bypass the wards, I also asked Kwuiko to marry me – she said yes – so now we are engaged. So I did not notice a number of strange events happening, probably the one that affected us most of all was the news of Alex’s unit being shut down and transferred on orders from way up his chain of command. What really threw me for a loop was the phone call to Ryan from Rip saying that he wanted us to help him.
Against my better judgment we agreed to meet him at the Pearl Harbor Memorial to discuss the details. I trust him about as far as I can throw him, so I ask Kwui and her school of weresharks to be in the harbor around the memorial if we need help. It seems that Rip has lost someone that DOLUS had working for them. A sorcerer named Hinder Weisenberg (I know, how threatening can he be with a name like that right? Well it seems he can be very threatening). It seems that DOLUS Hired Hinder to modify and improve the Third Eye formula. However he decided to go into business for himself and took off with some of their supplies and equipment. It seems he favors mind magic but needed a thaumaturgical link. Rip lets it slip that people who are native to Hawaii are in the most danger of mind control.
We talked with Naoya and do some of our own investigating and found that he had somehow stolen teeth (either baby teeth or forcibly removing teeth from adults) to control their actions. We decide to contact the Tooth Fairy of Hawaii, Lady Niho, (it seems they have different jurisdictions, there is not just one) by having me try to summon her in a circle. It doesn’t work, but I get the impression that it should have but something was stopping her. I ask the Warden’s Ghost for help and he explains she has a realm/ demesne in the Beyond Far Enough. We go to her demense and find that it has been overran and a huge vault of teeth are missing. We had to fight through her guards until we could reason with one and discovered she had been abducted by Hinder.
With the information we have gathered we track Hinder to a dormant volcano cave/lava tube in Diamond Head. We fight our way past more of his thralls until we find the main cave where he has put the teeth, but no Hinder. I open my Sight and look around, but all I see is a room packed with children and people, in the mix I think I see a child version of Justice. The evil sorcerer, gets the drop on us because a great veil and me being distracted with the Sight, but we put up a good fight and injured Hinder so bad he decides to kill himself and release his Death Curse on us, ‘Burn!’ at which point the volcano erupts. In the end it was a frantic race, Ryan and Alex freed the tooth fairy and Justice gathered as many of the teeth as he could. I tore open a Way into the Nevernever, not knowing what is on the other side, but anything was better than an erupting volcano.
Ryan feels he would have died if it hadn’t been for some supernatural intervention. I received severe burns that will take some time to recover from, and Justice developed a severe aversion to fire and gets some answers about his talisman that allows him to change. It has a panther tooth inside and Lady Niho enchanted it, along with others to give to those how have done her a great service. She offers to train him and place more powerful enchantments on it if he wishes.

Chapter 2
Tim’s Second Session ... or Shooting Up The Wizard's House

From the Journal of Nick Dumont –
In the process of tracking down the Lanilolo distribution we found out that Rip is involved with DOLUS’s operation. I (or the old Warden) got a call from Naoya Takamasa, assistant curator of the Bishop’s Museum, wondering if we might help with a problem. When we get there we find a mysterious tome opened on the ground and a dead curator on the ground. I have a bad feeling about this and open my Sight. I see a strange fish-like creature swimming through the air seemingly tethered to the book. I realize that the book opens a portal to the Nevernever and something came through when the untrained curator decided to dabble in something that he did not understand fully.
We make several attempts to kill the creature before closing the portal/ book and sealing closed again. I realize that Naoya is a practitioner focused in thaumaturgy and ancient native magic. I confiscate the book from the museum and later discover that the curators protect and control a huge quantity of magical artifacts archived in the Bishop’s Museum. We return to my house which has since become the group’s meeting place/ hangout. While we are trying to decide our next move, I get a bad feeling again and Justice spots a van that has gone by the house a couple of times. We start to get suspicious and go to investigate.
The van is parked not far away and I look at it with my sight and sense that no one is inside. So I decide to hex it so they cannot get away. Instead of our plan (why should anything go according to plan?) the van blows up in a spectacular explosion. Simultaneously automatic gunfire opens up and starts tearing the front of my home apart. We deal with the thugs, Alex starts shooting and laying down cover fire, Ryan grabs my Grandpa’s BFG and lets loose with it, Justice changes into a panther and disappears in the darkness. I pinpoint where they are at with my sight and hold one of them with a gravity spell. Man Justice is fast, before I know what happened he took out the one I am holding and moved on to another. After we take care of the shooters Justice heard a car take off in a hurry and gives chase. He gets close enough the recognize Rip, and it looks like he orchestrated the attack. This guy has started to damage my calm! First he framed me for murder and now he shot up my house.
As we are cleaning up the mess I get a call from Afa Rubaka, the Regional Commander of the Warden’s in the Pacific – the old Warden’s boss. He was not happy with me for taking the book. It seems that the Museum curators’ are on the list of VIP’s with the White Council. After being chewed up one side and down the other I am told to give it back. It is very apparent that he does not think highly of me. He is only allowing me to be here in his area as a courtesy to Rollo.
When we return the book to the museum and apologize to Naoya, he forgives us and introduces us to another employee at the museum, a beautiful young lady named Ma’le. She instantly takes a liking to Ryan and the feeling seems to be mutual, but I have a feeling again and so I open my sight. What I see overloads and dazzles me when I look at her, she is definitely not human. We also find that the protective wards and threshold around the museum are weakened and cracked.

Chapter One
Tim’s First Session or...Shellycobbs, Nixies, and Lanilolo ...Oh My!

From the Journal of Nick Dumont -
In a few months I found that I inherited everything the Warden had, his home, business, enemies, and his ghost. I try to represent the White Council here on the island the best I can, but I am not a Warden and I am severely lacking in refined people skills. It was fate that I found a were-shark named Kwuiko soon after I arrived here. She has become my main contact with the many minor practitioners on the island, and we have fallen in love. It does make life complicated sometimes – but definitely worth it.
I have discovered a diverse group of super-naturals on the island and a small group of them are my kind of stupid. We have helped each other out of sticky situations on several occasions. Justice a were-panther surfer crashes at my house on my couch, Kane’ – a ‘herbalist’ who is equal parts snake oil salesman and the real thing – swears he can talk to ghosts, Alex is a clued-in mortal serving in a top secret military black ops group tasked with keeping tabs on and – I think – hunting the supernatural, and Ryan, the attorney who had a change of heart.
Our adventures on the island really started when we were on the beach watching Justice in a surf completion with me tending Warden Bey’s surf shop. I still hadn’t recovered all my sight yet, but thanks to a wizard’s constitution it was starting to slowly come back. While we were on the beach there was quite a commotion stirred up by a girl of unearthly beauty. She was a Fae and not trying very hard to hide her true nature with her glamour. The commotion was caused by a group of males, mostly tourist types, who at first were just following and ogling her. We could tell she was trying to reach the water and they were keeping her from reaching it and they were quickly was turning violent. We were a might fuzzy on the particulars as to why they were after her, but we decided to try to stop them while trying not to hurt the men. We went to fisticuffs with several of them and I cast a quick evocation that turned the sand into grasping tentacles that grabbed the mob and slowed them down. However, the Fae was not totally helpless. She called up an enormous shellycobb from the water that quickly went to work tearing apart the mob. Now we had a dilemma – protecting her from the human mob or protecting
I knew Alex was a military man and had training that made him lethal, but to see him in action was something else entirely. He waded right in to the fray and jumped onto the creature driving twin knives that looked like they were patterned on old WWI trench knives. They apparently had a high iron ratio in them because they sliced right through the shellycobb and burned it as well. Needless to say Alex killed it single handedly with an impressive display of Weapons skill. She disappeared into the water, Alex called his people in to contain the mess with the monsters remain and to handle damage and PR control. We investigated and soon found that the men were under the influence of a third eye variant drug the natives called Lanilolo and it appeared to have distribution ties to a mafia group called DOLUS.
We tracked the distribution network to a shrimp truck that operated all over Oahu. With a spell I was able to track the drugs back to a house in a rundown part of town. No one was there and it had been cleared out. I left an alarm spell there that would alert me if anyone returned in the next couple of days – no one did.

Session 0 … or The Beginning

From the Journal of Nick Dumont –
I guess I should make a record of what goes on in Hawaii, sorry that some of these beginning ones are so short, but a lot has happened and I am just now going back to make some notes. Computers and wizards just don’t mix well, so I will be giving my hand written notes to Kwuiko and she will then type them up for me.
I guess I need to start with a little introduction. My name is Nicholas Alexander Tiberius Dumont; I am a wizard – no, not the ones that do magic tricks, the real kind. I came to Hawaii by way of San Francisco, by way of New Orleans – my home town. I was raised by loving parents up until I turned 11, when they died in a car crash. After that I was raised on the borders of the Louisiana swamp by my Cajun grandparents. My grandparents were not surprised when I developed my magical abilities in my 12th year. They even knew a strange Frenchman named LeChevilier who could help me with magic. Later I learned that was in my family tree, in fact, my grandfather is a minor practitioner.
I soon found myself apprenticed to a Warden of the White Council who was gone a lot on business, so spent most of the time studying on my own for the most part. To say he was distant was an understatement and I soon discovered he thought that he was better than almost anybody – especially a ‘snot nose pup from the swamps’, I just thought he was full of hot air and a bit big for his britches. He saw himself as a traditionalist – but he was really just stuck in the ruts of propriety and time. Needless to say we were not each other’s favorites, but he did teach me a lot. I discovered I had a knack for earth magic then expanded to learn air and water magic as well.
Towards the end of my apprenticeship I killed what I thought was a mindless zombie thrall with magic, my bad. He was a thrall, but under the influence of Voodoo magic possession and would have recovered if I hadn’t ended his life. This led to no short of ugly ridin’ in on me – in the form of my teacher, the White Council, and a Warden’s Sword. The Gatekeeper saved my life – sort of. He was the deciding vote on whether to end my life, so he sent me on a mission to see if I could change. This led to me to closing and sealing an outer gate, saving my neck, and finding out an old family heirloom was more than what it appeared to be – all for the low price of losing my eyesight.
The White Council decided I needed a new teacher and I went out West to San Francisco, CA with my new teacher, Rollo Kane. He was tougher than a one eared alley cat and strong too. He was much more hands on that my previous teacher and I took the preacher’s seat more than once in my time with him. It was just what I needed, because within a couple of years I finished my training and passed my wizard trials while still blind. We learned to respect each other and became close friends during that time
It was not until finished my training with Rollo that he told me he had clear instructions from the Council to kill me if I strayed – no questions asked. The last two things he gave me as I left him were an old K-bar knife and a cufflink – not two just one. He said the cufflink was part of the previous Warden’s ‘succession planning’ in case of emergency. I needed to take it to a specific attorney office and it would identify me as the previous warden’s inheritor when matched with its mate. I would not be a warden, but I would be the White Council’ contact on the island.
That brings my story to Hawaii. I was given the task to discover why the Council had lost contact with the local warden, Ardeth Bey. Well, I found out real quick why they lost contact with him. When I presented the cufflink to the attorney, I was immediately arrested for the warden’s murder. I had been framed, but ended up getting out of the charges when the attorney who set me up had a change of heart and we found the guy who actually killed the Warden – a local hit man named Rip.


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