Beyond Far Enough

A subdomain or area of the NeverNever, similar to the DownBelow. Commonly known as BFE, or Beyond Far Enough.

Because The island of Hawaii has the aspect of Supernaturally Quarantined, it is in a difficult area of the NeverNever that is almost totally isolated. Traveling from Beyond Far Enough to areas in the “NeverNever proper” is similiar to swimming accross the pacific ocean: theoritically possible, but extremely timeconsuming and dangerous. Even powerful wizards will opt to use mortal means to travel between domains.

Similiar to the Polynesian islands themselves, Beyond Far Enough is a archipelago of distinct and seperated demenses. Although not as difficult as leaving the subdomain itself, travel between them is still difficult and slow.
Each demense tends to reflect this seperation through very different appearing but similiarly isolating manafestations. Lady Niho’s demesnse is seprated by its bottomless waterfalls. The demense of the Menehune is isolated in a giagantic cavern with inpentatrable stone walls. Because of this seperation, very little conflict happens in the Beyond Far Enough; battles are moved to the mortal islands themselves.