The Balance of Power

The Status Quo

What is the Supernatural status quo?

Since Hawaii became a territory of the US the old Gods and their ways have been eroded away due to the massive influx of outside influences. This has brought the White Court to the islands in the midst of the Old Gods being forgotten and 2 Fae Courts that are unique to the region, a Water and Land Court. Throw in a bunch of restless spirts and ghosts of the Human sacrifices and Wars that have been fought on the island and the fact that the White Council Warden has recently gone missing and is presumed dead and you have the current state of affairs on the islands.

What is the Mundane status quo?

The new influx of science, technology, drugs, and tourism are quickly becoming the ‘New Gods’ of the islands, and in some areas they already are. Tourism is everything and a mainstay for many living on the islands and they will do anything to maintain their way of life by polishing – or hiding the darker side of island life. There is quite an Asian influence as well.

The Balance of Power

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